Earthwise Living Foundation

New Zealand

ELFNZ offers a range of services which enable people to change their own lives, to assist others, and to benefit our natural environment. Through voluntary work, internships, wilderness courses, and training programmes, our students move their lives in new positive directions.

Rather than travel passively as tourists, through ELFNZ people can work on organic farms, wildlife sanctuaries, offshore National Parks, hospitals & schools, or undertake professional internships across an unlimited range of vocations, like: medicine, biology, law, teaching, conservation, carpentry, hospitality, photography, arts, ... and more! This means meeting New Zealanders, living in their homes, and joining them in work and play... while experiencing New Zealand in a way not available to the ordinary traveller.

As the focus for our Wilderness Programmes, we believe life on this Earth can be viewed on many levels and that personal health (physical, mental and spiritual) and happiness are intimately linked with the health and happiness of the Earth itself. Learning through interaction with Nature how to live sustainably and lead full and enriching lives is, therefore, an essential step towards ensuring our own and the Earth's wellbeing.

Our services

Kiwi Internships logoKiwi Internships

We have been offering personalised internships in New Zealand since 1999. These programmes are custom-made, meaning developed specifically to the needs of each individual. Monies raised through Kiwi Internships go directly into Earthwise Living Foundation land conservation. For more details see Kiwi Internships

Earthwise Valley logoEarthwise Valley

Earthwise Valley is a New Zealand based, charitable, volunteer run, sustainable living project. We’re taking direct action to create an ecologically sound Centre for Sustainable Living. This includes revitalising degraded farmland, growing and planting trees, controlling animal pests and weeds, using organic and permacultural techniques, and native bush research.

Our volunteer programme suits people interested in learning about sustainable living, enjoying the outdoors, and living a saner, richer and simpler life. Take part as a residential volunteer and you'll experience New Zealand in a very special way while making a real contribution to Nature. For more details see Earthwise Valley